I love technology. It is my life. My family is technology-savvy, so I was exposed to everything from tape players to Windows 98. But I’ve always enjoyed picking out, buying and using stationery, even if it was only for school. But I had no idea why I love it and thought that I was the only one.

However, it is only recently that I started to indulge in pretty notebooks since Kristin of Journaling Saves and Nifty of Notebook Stories say that having a stationery fetish is normal. And I discovered my love for writing with a pen on paper.

In my childhood I typed up my stories. But I’d constantly feel that they weren’t good enough, so I’d abandon them and eventually delete them permanently (which is a big mistake. They’d be useful now because I want to develop my writing skills). When I got a laptop, I forced myself to complete my stories. The ratio between incomplete and complete is probably 1:4 but it was real progress in my writing ability (the completed fan fiction can be read here [please let me know what you think]).

I also tried to keep a journal, both in notebooks and a Word document. But my parents read (in the past tense) my physical journal and I kept getting distracted by the other programs in the computer. I also felt detached from the electronic entries.

And then I discovered Jim Carroll. He was a diarist who wrote the memoirs The Basketball Diaries and The Downtown Diaries. I thought that if a male can keep a journal when most people think that it’s a girly activity, then why can’t I? My first “real” journal is a large exercise book with coloured pages. I didn’t write in it much because it didn’t give me a joyful writing experience. But then I started buying beautiful notebooks, and the rest is history.

Now it’s your turn. How did you get into stationery?

(This post was written by hand.)