Writer’s Room – One of My Goals

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I’m only a university student who hasn’t moved out of her parents’ house. But I am fortunate enough to have a desk in my bedroom, even if it’s too-small for my liking. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

Virginia Woolf said that a writer should have a room of his/her own. I have to agree with her here, even though some people don’t. I think that a writer’s room of your own would set your mind only on your writing and exclude everything else that could potentially be distracting. Being easily-distracted is one top trait of someone who suffers from ADD. And if you set the room up to be how you want it to be, you can have your creative juices oozing out of your ears (that sounds disgusting, I know).

What I’d like to have in my dream writer’s room are:

  • The room being only big enough to hold the writer’s materials that I need. The smaller the room, the more-focused that my brain can be for the task.
  • My own taste of decor. I’d like the room to be painted in pastel rainbow colours, in a rounded-chevron pattern.
  • A large desk. I don’t have enough elbow room with my current one. There’s also barely-enough space to display my books (I do this to remind myself of the joy of writing, because all of my books have colourful covers). (I’m trying to save up for that desk right now.)
  • A comfortable chair. It is said that a writer’s chair needs to be comfortable but not too-much for the writer to be able to focus on the work. I’d like a chair to be simple yet attractive, with soft seating and back (but not too soft).
  • A functional yet stylish desk lamp with white lighting. I love when items that I own fulfil in both form and function. To have a standard desk lamp would be a creativity killer for me. And I see best with white light.

Do you believe that a writer needs a room of her own, and what would you like in your writer’s room?


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I apologise for the quality of my pictures because they don’t add much to the user experience in this blog. I only have a Nokia E63 at the moment. However, I will get a Samsung Galaxy Ace soon, which I hope will mean better pictures for this blog.

Thanks for putting up with my crappy pictures. Happy writing to all of you!

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OMG I’m drooling at this post! Thanks for the tip!

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I love anything quirky and clever! And I love Japanese stuff, too!


I know this a bit more kitsch than my usual taste but there is something I really like about this quirky desk bonsai by Qualy. It’s a  trim tree desk caddy and notice board with cute flower magnets for you to shape your thoughts on the cloud shaped note paper included. I’m not thinking in miniature though and its sitting on my office windowsill reminding me of the life goals ive got to nurture this year.

Qualy DESK BONSAI accessories box & note plate
Including 6 magnets and 100 pcs of note paper

Size: 145 x 210 x 68 mm


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What a beautiful story! This post shows that handwritten things are the most-cherished items.

Sweet Thanks for Troops: The Marshall Plan

I’m sitting down thinking how fast this week has gone by and how I’ve been meaning to sit down and hand write a few cards to a few people I saw last weekend who gave me great opportunities and learning experiences over the last few months… and it got me thinking about writing letters in general. I could easily sit here and send a text or an email expressing my gratitude to these people, but I don’t think that has the same effect. I believe that there is something special about a handwritten letter to someone.

Writing letters was something I did a lot while the boyfriend was deployed last year… and I mean a lot. I wrote to him almost every single day while he was deployed. I could’ve easily let him a message on Facebook or sent him an email or send him a letter through MotoMail (which…

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One Step Closer to Becoming an Author

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I came up with this idea while planning out my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel. Once I finish editing and polishing it, I’ll convert it into PDF form and upload it to this blog for the whole world to read.

This may not be a good idea, as my friend suggests, because other people can come to steal it and then pose it as their own. But what matters to me more is that my own original work, and not fan fiction, is out and published (without the hassles of publishing ;p). What I truly want from readers is feedback on how I can better my story-telling and writing skills.

If someone steals my novel from me, I’ll do my best to disprove their ownership. I can provide hard evidence that is the notebooks that I’ve used to write that novel, with my handwriting, and my NaNoWriMo certificate (if I manage to win this year). But I’d read the comments that the thief’s readers have given and use them.

The notebook that I'm planning to use for NaNoWriMo 2012

 This blog may not have many readers yet as other stationery blogs but I’ll do my best to provide new, interesting, content of the world from my point of view. And to those who are following this blog already, thank you. You have my token of appreciation and gratitude.

Loving My Stationery Life

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I’m working on a big writing project for my soul sister Amber. She has so many things in common with me that I’m surprised that we haven’t found each other sooner. I’ve never been excited about writing as I am now for this project. And another Twitter friend, Brianna, revealed to me that she loves stationery, too! I’m loving life right now.

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