I’m only a university student who hasn’t moved out of her parents’ house. But I am fortunate enough to have a desk in my bedroom, even if it’s too-small for my liking. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

Virginia Woolf said that a writer should have a room of his/her own. I have to agree with her here, even though some people don’t. I think that a writer’s room of your own would set your mind only on your writing and exclude everything else that could potentially be distracting. Being easily-distracted is one top trait of someone who suffers from ADD. And if you set the room up to be how you want it to be, you can have your creative juices oozing out of your ears (that sounds disgusting, I know).

What I’d like to have in my dream writer’s room are:

  • The room being only big enough to hold the writer’s materials that I need. The smaller the room, the more-focused that my brain can be for the task.
  • My own taste of decor. I’d like the room to be painted in pastel rainbow colours, in a rounded-chevron pattern.
  • A large desk. I don’t have enough elbow room with my current one. There’s also barely-enough space to display my books (I do this to remind myself of the joy of writing, because all of my books have colourful covers). (I’m trying to save up for that desk right now.)
  • A comfortable chair. It is said that a writer’s chair needs to be comfortable but not too-much for the writer to be able to focus on the work. I’d like a chair to be simple yet attractive, with soft seating and back (but not too soft).
  • A functional yet stylish desk lamp with white lighting. I love when items that I own fulfil in both form and function. To have a standard desk lamp would be a creativity killer for me. And I see best with white light.

Do you believe that a writer needs a room of her own, and what would you like in your writer’s room?