I have written complete profiles for the characters of my NaNo novel, including their favourite foods, drinks and colours. They might not be relevant to the story but I think that it’s important to know your characters’ traits inside and outside, especially when writing for a crazy event such as NaNo where you are under time and word constraints.
I’ve decided to use loose-leaf folio paper to write my novel in. This is so I don’t have to worry about running out of or wasting paper because of the pre-set number of pages. I may add more pages as appropriate. I have designed the cover of the makeshift novel and written the dedication as well. I keep the novel in my folder that I take to school every day.
The working title of my novel is “Friendships”. This is the first word of the entire title. The story is based on the plot of the fan fiction that I wrote several years ago. I have yet to fix the tiny holes but will do so before November.
How is your preparation for NaNoWriMo going? And, if you aren’t participating, what’s keeping you from it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.