Camp NaNoWriMo Participants

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To my surprise and delight I discovered that I didn’t have to wait until November to enter a prestigious writing competition. I was driving myself mad with the waiting because I’d essentially finished plotting and making character profiles and I had nothing to stimulate me until then.
Fortunately I discovered Camp NaNoWriMo. I was relieved because I don’t much to do in August other than attending one class in one day for four days of the week and piano lessons. The writing bug has bitten me again and I’ve been writing at any chance that I can, including during seminars and classes. Now I have something to test my writing abilities.
Of course I am aiming to win but I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. There is always November and next year. I have plenty of story ideas (though they don’t have the potential to be turned into novels) to keep me busy. I’ve only told a few people of my plans for August so that I won’t be pressured by other people asking how I’m doing with my novel.
Below is the book and pen that I plan to use. The book is of A4 size, has 200 pages and has silky paper. The paper is lined with thin grey lines spaced at 8 mm. There are thirty lines per page and the book is stitch-bound. My mum bought it for me at the mall just when I was getting into pretty notebooks. The pen is Standard B-Gel with a 0.7 tip. I chose black ink because I’m using blue ink for my journal at the moment.
To August’s participants, good luck! Don’t worry about much. Just strive to get the words out. Happy camping!

Trying to Make It

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I think that I’m pushing myself too-hard to draft my blog posts by hand. I have a notebook that I dedicated solely for blog posts. But I’m not into blogging as yet and so writing posts is difficult for me at the moment, especially as they only take up three pages maximum.

Please bear with me as I struggle to build this blog. I feel that everyone should be proud of their strange habits. Stationery addicts shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing their love for the newest products. I’m only a blogger among the millions, and I may not be the greatest, but I want to share my love for stationery to the world.