Plotting against Free-writing – No; I Am Not Evil

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Plotting is the heart of writing a story. But there are two methods: Free-writing, where one writes with only a basic plot, with probably one sentence to summarise the whole story; and writing a detailed plot so that the story doesn’t go too far astray.

People who free-write their stories will say that it’s not fun to write when everything is already planned out. The plotters want to be able to remember everything that they want to write in case they forget a small but significant part of the story, like the names of secondary characters or how a particular scene plays out.

I consider myself to be a plotter because I usually have a very-detailed plot of my stories before I start writing. Even with such a plot I almost-always forget to include one point. It’s like I offer myself options on what to write, and this in itself is a freedom.

How do you write stories? Do you plot or just jump right in? You may leave a response below.

Planning for NaNoWriMo 2012

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I just turned Owen, my beloved laptop, on for the purpose of writing this post. After this I’m going back to writing.

Last night I was planning my NaNoWriMo story because I couldn’t sleep. As I wrote with my favourite gel pen, which had blue ink, on the lined pages, flipping them over so that I could write more, this thrill grew inside of me. I suddenly can’t wait to write this story to see how it would play out. I regret that I didn’t come up with this plot sooner, when I could have participated in the competition last year. Now I have nine months and around two weeks to wait.

Along with that thrill came an epiphany. I suddenly knew what I want to be when I grow up. An author! It would fulfill what I’d always dreamed of! And now that I’ve discovered the joy of writing on paper, I can now concentrate on writing full-time to reach my dream!

I was so happy about this revelation because after I quit my childhood ambition of becoming a flight attendant for being too-reliant on aesthetics, I was in limbo, unsure of what I wanted to be. I failed every subject that I was taking because I didn’t see the point of graduating if I didn’t have a clear view of where I was going in life.

To me you must do what you love in order to earn money. Even if it’s a job that is generally low-paying, if you are enthusiastic about it, then it will pay you back. So many authors fail to get published, but that doesn’t deter me because I love writing.

I just hope that during these nine months (I’m essentially pregnant with a story) I don’t make unnecessary additions to the plot, thus complicating it for the readers and myself.