I’m amazed at how powerful journalling is constantly. It’s the friend that will never turn its back on you. It’s the confidante that you can rely on to tell anything. It’s the thing that keeps you grounded and level-headed.
My journal, Catie, which I started in 16 April 2011, has proved to be invaluable in my life. Since I started journalling honestly in her I feel that my life is more-balanced and controlled. She helps me to see things as they really are. I cannot imagine what life would be like without her now. Occasionally I wonder how I will have enough material to keep writing but then an outpour of ideas comes flooding in, renewing my faith in journalling.
I’m now on my fifth journal, which is a binder that holds 200 sheets of B5-sized lined paper (the rings are prying apart). I’m on page 64 and estimate that I will finish it in a couple of months. I number each page and label every corner with the date (this has helped me enormously – thanks, Kristin of Journaling Saves!). I also mark each book with the dates that I kept them. I set myself the challenge of using only one pen for the entire journal, which is a blue gel pen with bold ink (review will be up soon).
Do you journal? What weird habits do you do in your notebooks?