Dream Notebook

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My dream notebook would need to have the following qualities:

  • Durable yet flexible cover. I abuse my belongings by taking them everywhere so a hard-wearing book would be very-nice.
  • Colourful design. Pretty notebooks motivate me to fill them up.
  • Lined pages. See why here.
  • Right amount of pages. Thin enough for any bag that I own yet thick enough to give me plenty of room to write.
  • Right paper size. Right now I use a folio-sized notebook but have discovered that such a book is not practical to carry around. But I also want adequate room to write.
  • Pure-white paper gives me a feeling of cleanliness and new slates.
  • Numbered pages so I can see how far into the notebook I am.
  • A spot for writing dates. This is essential.
  • Non-spiral binding that allows the book to lie flat. I love spiral notebooks but I never really noticed how annoying they were until today when I was writing in one. Still, they come in lots of yummy colours!
  • One blank page at the front so I can write my name and draw my signature there.

What are the criteria of your dream notebook? You can leave the answer below.

Expensive Versus Cheap

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The type of notebook I like to buy is very important to me. I must have notebooks with colourful covers and plain lined pages or else I would be too lazy to use it. Exercise books, even beautiful ones, have never been my favourite because they wear out so easily and the staplers can and do come off. Being able to use a high-quality notebook is a joy. The writing experience is so much smoother. I can put anything into both cheap and expensive notebooks, but I’ll always take the latter because they are finer in quality, a delight to look at and last longer, which makes my writing experience that much more enjoyable.

What about you? Do you prefer a cheap notebook or an expensive one to write in?

Lined Paper

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Aaah… Lined paper. My favourite paper format of all time. It satisfies my need for routine, neatness and reliability. Since I’ve been using it from the time I started school (don’t we all use this kind of paper?), I rely on the comfort that it has always been there for me. I love how it keeps me in line (pun intended) because I can’t write neatly on unlined paper and graph paper would slash my handwriting, therefore making it unreadable. It is also the most-common paper format, so I don’t need to worry about its availability.

What’s your favourite paper format and why? Leave a comment!