Having a fetish for stationery might seem excessive to most people, but at least there are far-worse, unhealthy, addictions, as The Pen Addict puts it so-aptly. I might be new to this circle, but I already feel a kinship with the people who share this passion with me.

Using many notebooks for me is the perfect solution to my problems. It means that I can indulge in my love for stationery and use the notebooks up faster. Like many other notebook addicts, I buy pretty notebooks faster than I can fill them up. One way for me to stop feeling guilty about it is to use several of them at once.

However, this has many drawbacks, too. But for me organising my mental clutter in notebooks is the only way for me to function properly.

Here are the pros of using many notebooks at once:

  • Focus. Being ADD, my mind leaps between thoughts faster than the speed of light. By having a lot of notebooks with me, each one with a specific purpose, I can jot down my thinking quickly. This also enables me to look up something later with a minimum of fuss.
  • Having everything in its place. Using only one notebook to write down things that you need to remember doesn’t make sense to me. You’d have to waste a few valuable minutes looking for a specific point. And since the modern age demands immediacy, having many notebooks can help you to remember more-quickly because everything is organised by subject.
  • Finding stuff is easy. I can quickly locate a piece of information easily based on its nature, and find the appropriate notebook.

The disadvantages of using multiple notebooks are:

  • Misplacement. I easily lose things because of my ADD. This can be a problem when I need to write something down quickly.
  • Weight. The demands of a university student are enormous, and I’d need to carry almost all of my notebooks with me to meet them. This places a burden on my health because most of my notebooks are hardcover.
  • Confusion. It can be hard to remember the function of one notebook when you’ve just started using it. And looking for that notebook can be another time-waster because the brain hasn’t adjusted to the new notebook yet.

Using a lot of notebooks is a beneficial activity but you have to learn how to manage them, and yourself, properly. You may not be able to adapt to this system because it might not be for you. What works for me may not be suitable for everybody else.