My dream notebook would need to have the following qualities:

  • Durable yet flexible cover. I abuse my belongings by taking them everywhere so a hard-wearing book would be very-nice.
  • Colourful design. Pretty notebooks motivate me to fill them up.
  • Lined pages. See why here.
  • Right amount of pages. Thin enough for any bag that I own yet thick enough to give me plenty of room to write.
  • Right paper size. Right now I use a folio-sized notebook but have discovered that such a book is not practical to carry around. But I also want adequate room to write.
  • Pure-white paper gives me a feeling of cleanliness and new slates.
  • Numbered pages so I can see how far into the notebook I am.
  • A spot for writing dates. This is essential.
  • Non-spiral binding that allows the book to lie flat. I love spiral notebooks but I never really noticed how annoying they were until today when I was writing in one. Still, they come in lots of yummy colours!
  • One blank page at the front so I can write my name and draw my signature there.

What are the criteria of your dream notebook? You can leave the answer below.