My two favourite ink colours are black and blue. Not only are they acceptable in almost-all of situations (especially black), they are also my favourite colours. Coloured pens give me a kind of anxiety and nervousness that I don’t need while I’m writing.

Initially I had an amount of distrust for pens in primary school as they’re permanent and more-expensive than pencils. If I were to make mistakes while writing then I would have the cross them out, making the paper look unsightly. But soon after that I accepted them because I’d be using them for school for years.

I usually use black pens because they’re more-universal. But I recently bought a box of blue gel pens of my favourite brand, Snowman, to get a change of scenery. I love blue because it reminds me of water and the ocean.

What are your favourite colours to write with? Do you like standard or unusual colours, and why? Leave your answer in the comments below.