I write in print. It allows me to determine the shapes of a single letter. It’s easier to read. And I believe that it’s more-individualistic because you can see more-clearly the characteristics of a person than with cursive writing.

I’m able to write in cursive, but I find it extremely-annoying. Every letter seems to look different, which is something that annoys me because I require order in writing. When I lose my train of thought I start drawing waves instead of shaping letters. I’ll post a picture of what my upright cursive writing looks like in the near-future.

Of course, cursive is faster because you take less time picking your pen up and then putting it down again. And it’s regarded as the ultimate form of handwriting, when people considered it as an art.

Children were taught how to write in print after the printing industry was established. It was thought that since books were made with print font it was easier for students to write with the same style.

I think that print writing should be taught before cursive because it enables children to gain understanding of how a letter is formed. And it allows them the freedom of shaping letters however they want to without being restricted by what the previous letter is shaped like.

To write faster when writing in print, try to draw the letters with as few strokes as possible. This eliminates the time moving the pen through the air.

Do you write with cursive, print or a combination of both? What should be taught first: print or cursive? Leave your response below.